Established in 2010.

The idea started off years ago as one for a taco truck which would've been called "Flaco's Tacos". People thought Flaco, who was fresh out of high school and working grill at Whataburger, was crazy and joking. Little did they know that just a few years later the opportunity would present itself when Flaco's mom began talking about opening a restaurant. The name "Flaco's Tacos" was already taken, so they added burgers into the mix and after searching for a good location for months they finally found a turn-key restaurant in Live Oak. Eager to get started they opened their doors with a simple menu fashioned out of construction paper. Business started off extremely slow because, for one, the restaurant is hidden behind an old bank building which is now a salon. Second of all there is very little advertising done. The two things that are keeping this restaurant in business are word-of-mouth and God's Grace.​

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Flaco's Burgers and Tacosflaco

8141a Pat Booker Road, Universal City, TX, United States


Our dining is on a first come, first served basis. However, if you have a large party, are planning an event, or need catering services, drop us a line and we'll hook you up. 

We specialize in home-made burgers and fries. All of our patties are hand-made and mixed with our special mix of seasonings and our fries are all hand-cut from russet potatoes. No more hard decisions in choosing between burgers or tacos. You can have both here at Flaco's.


About us

We're located in Live Oak, Tx near the Forum.